Filling the Gap with our Fresh Roasted Coffees!

Motorcycle racing is a passion and a way of life.  We at Watergap Coffee Co. proudly support and continue to participate in Harescrambles, Enduros, and Grand National Cross Country races on a local and national level.  Why?  We believe that racing is a great metaphor for life and use our experiences both on and off the track to teach the youth we encounter (three of which are my own) that life is what you make it.  You may think you have it all but it is very possible to be "bested" on any given day.  Be strong, be prepared, and be humble...This is the winning balance.  

We also through the organizations we work with, teach youth about being good stewards of the land and working within the proper channels to continue to keep racing alive.  This above all keeps the things we love alive.  Team Caffeine, running on coffee and race fuel!

For the love of Sport and Sportsmanship

Watergap Coffee Company Team Caffeine

Watergap Coffee Company